Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Blogging decisions

I've moved to WordPress thinking it had more page structure control but now I'm not so sure. WordPress is just about as messy in some ways as Blooger and my blog there is not finished yet.

Anyway this blog is way out of date and for now I won't be updating it.
If it's of any interest, check out my Flickr sets for exciting tramping and mountain biking adventures… :-)

JETNZ's Adventures

And when I finally get my other blog looking reasonably presentable I will post the link here.

Friday, 16 January 2009

2009 started with a sore botty

Otago Rail Trail 2-4 January 2009
Version FIVE. That means we've done this trip five times. If you've ever been to Central Otago, you shouldn't need to ask why...
Group photo at the start. No idea what was about to be unleashed on our trusting natures... Gales, dust storms, rain, broken branches and debris. Pretty standard really...

Breakfast with the sensible.

Poolburn Tunnel #2. Dunno where the bloke with the big black beard appeared from. He really wanted to be in the photo.

Amongst the mining relics. In this case, these boilers would have powered the mine shaft lift.

Waipiata Man pose.

Prices Creek Tunnel. Day three was done in record time. There is no underestimating what a lack of a headwind will do for morale and the pace!

Finish line Middlemarch. The team slurping ale in the shade.

What we did in the 2nd half of 2008

The great thing about life is the unexpected. Here's a brief review of the last six months.

Hanmer Springs 27-29 June
Another camera club field trip to wintery Hanmer. The club drove into the Clarence Valley via Jacks Pass to see the historic Accommodation House.
Friends Henk & Joy join us for a hot drink before wandering off to take photos. The temperature was pretty much at zero. By mid afternoon it was snowing in earnest and we just got out to Hanmer before the pass closed. Pretty exciting.

FLOODS! 31 July
Amberley’s worst floods in decades. 150mm of rain fell in just 24 hours. We suffered nothing more than a puggy lawn for some days but others fared considerably worse. The poor residents at the beach were evacuated and many houses in the township were flooded by the normally passive Dock Creek which broke its banks due to delays in opening a flood gate.

Never miss a photo opportunity :-)

A boiling sea breaching the stopbank (what stopbank?) and spilling into the road to the golf course.

RPS Lake Heron 22–24 August
Every photographer was spoilt with abundant outstanding scenery. This image is the Maori Lakes, on the way to Lake Heron.

Ngakuta Bay 30 August
Mist lifting off the water with Roger recording the event with his new camera.

Roger turns 40-something. October
We celebrated Roger’s birthday a day early and got in the Stag for a drive to My Lyford for lunch. Perfect roads, weather, food and the Stag performed faultlessly.

Lake Brunner (Moana) West Coast 24–26 October
The West Coast will reward any photographer with its rich landscapes and lighting.

RPS Black Powder Shoot, Kopara Village. 25th Oct
We explored the Moana area as thoroughly as possible in the allowable time—visiting little remote Kopara Village, north of Moana, hosted the annual Black Powder Shoot where locals and visitors get together and test their skills with modern muskets. A veritable mine of action shots for the photographer.

Sunrise on Lake Brunner 26 Oct
Another Dawn Breaker. With an early night and full tum, the early start was a breeze.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Autumn at home

Since Coleridge the balance of recreation and work has fallen somewhat to disarray. Therefore there isn't much in the way of news. Among the highlights was a wedding I photographed with my friend Nick but since it wont mean much to most who might read this post, I'm not going to include those. Perhaps just one of Nick...
Then there was classic car run to Gore Bay on the 9th March which was fun, yet another image from Mt Cass, and some from a night shoot of Christchurch with the camera club 17th May. And one of Roger who has finally cracked the problems of cutting onions.
Other than that, life continues to be good and the fire keeps us warm as Winter gets a grip on the region.